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Export Durain

Thailand Durian,
1. Quality 质量:Grade A
2. Price 价格:TBA as per market price
3. Specifications 规格:Fresh Durian Mhonthong
4. Packing 包装:5-6 pcs/cnt.17-18kgs./ctn.960ctn./cont.
5. Video 视频
6. Photos 图片
7. Payment Term 付款方式:Deposite50% on ordering and 50% before container stuffing.

File PDF: PPT Durian Thailand power point










Export Durain

Export Import

After the exploration of information technology, the world is on our finger tips to get any piece of information. However when we went through different subjects on the web, we realized, like everything in society, internet also carries the good and the bad. We were surprised to note that, we could not find any good quality free tutorial program to enter in a good business especially in the field of international trade. We have also noticed that the improper guidelines lead the readers of internet to spoil their caliber.

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Because our family-run business has been in the shipping industry for nearly 30 years, few companies are better placed to help you navigate the increasingly complex process of importing and exporting goods worldwide. The hassles of dealing with paperwork, permits, rules and regulations are bigger than ever before. And that’s where our expertise comes in. We not only take on the task of helping you reduce paperwork, but we also help you cut costs and prevent any delays when you’re moving goods and cargo. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your ship to come in.

Product Coconut Oil

Produce cold pressed virgin coconut oil, for cooking, spa products. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Dietary Supplement Products
Cooking Oil
Spa Amenities
– Massage Oil
– Hair Oil
Toletries Product
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Bath Oil
– Bath Soap
– Bath Gel Soap
– Mouthwash
Skin Care (Hair,Hand,Foot)
Body Treatment Product (Lotions,Scrubs,Masks)
Cleansing and Make Up (Cleansing Oil)


Download Produce cold pressed virgin coconut oil File PDF:ราคาสินค้าน้ำมันมะพร้าว